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Interactive Chewbacca Is The Best Friend For The Star Wars Next Generation Of Jedi

Everyone’s favorite Wookie is now the perfect companion for the young Jedi you know. Following up last year’s Toy Fair hit of dancing Baby Groots, Hasbro has ...

Nerf Doomlands Judge Blaster Is A 10-Shot Boomstick Of Foamy Wrath

When a torrent of ammunition won’t get your point across all by its lonesome, you need a dispenser of justice whose very presence lets your enemies know they ...

Sound Like An Imperial Stormtrooper With This Electronic Voice Changer Helmet & Fight Rebel Scum

Star Wars – the iconic film that has infected billions with the imagination of traveling among the stars as either a Jedi Knight, or as a Sith Lord. While ...

Hasbro’s Ant-Man Action Figures Include The Tiniest Action Figure Ever

Critics always rip comic-based movies from Marvel apart like it’s a field day. What exactly constitutes a good comic-book movie? Staying true to the plot and ...

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