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Post-It Extreme Sticky Notes Let You Leave Them In The Harshest Conditions

One of the most important office supplies found all across the country is the sticky note. They let us leave reminders, notes and more hanging from the wall, ...

Best GoPro Videos From 2015 Will Give You Chills

A lot is happening across the planet, things like wars, famine and financial matters have people losing faith in humanity’s future. However, there are many ...

Casio G-Shock Mudmaster Lets You Live Life Hard and Dirty

Casio is a brand name everyone knows, it is a timeless name that has become synonymous to time itself. Life can be hard, not only is keeping track of time ...

Top 10 Most Extreme Substances On Earth

These Are the 10 Most EXTREME Substances Known to Man What is the darkest 'stuff'? Or how about the most explosive? Not even a meth head would want to touch ...

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