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Anatomically Correct Chocolate Skull Is The Creepy, Cool, Edible Treat For You

So, you’re hosting a Halloween party? Or you just have a taste for the unique and unexpected? Maybe you just have a taste for really good chocolate? Whatever ...

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars Just Destroyed Our Diets This Year. OMG!

Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars leave us at a bit of a loss. This is gratuitous delectability. Somebody somewhere in Europe looked contemplatively at a plate of ...

Steampunk Inspired Toothsome Chocolate Factory Debuts At Universal, Willy Wonka Jealous With Rage

"Oompa Loompa Doopity-Doo, We've got some diabetes for you..." If chocolatey richness is your Alpha and Omega of all earthly bliss, then the latest ...

Make Your Farts Smell So Delicious You’ll Want to Eat Them

There are some weird people who are happy to proudly take ownership of their farts. Instead of blaming the dog, they point at their chest with their thumb and ...

This Chocolate Bar Costs $260 and Took 2 Years To Produce

To'ak is Chocolate for Super Posh People Chocolate has been done to death and is pretty easy to come by. If this makes the whole concept a little 'common' ...

Hershey’s 3-D Chocolate Printer Uses Delicious Ink To Print With

Most of us hate printers. After all, they're constantly getting paper jams, running out of ink and making loud noises. Generally we use them most often in the ...

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