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DeWalt DCMW220P2 20V 3-IN-1 Cordless Battery Lawn Mower Review

Lawnmowers that burn gas and take up space in your garage are a thing of the past. You know the name DeWalt from their wildly popular line of power tools, but ...

Weego Jump Starter Battery Pack Has Your Back Wherever You Go

Hey, everyone. Look at the calendar. It's October. The World Series is imminent. Hockey has returned. Halloween awaits on the 31st with horror movies, "Sexy ...

Solar Backup Battery Shines With Suction Power

What is it about congested places like shopping malls, airports, and concerts that seem to drain phone batteries like no one’s business? If your apps don’t ...

Tethercell Gives Bluetooth Remote Control To Ordinary AA Batteries Using Your Smartphone

With an extra emphasis on smart everything these days, you’d think that we’ve evolved from the days of using batteries. Unfortunately, a great number of smart ...

Apple Watch Battery Strap Gives the Short Battery Life A Level Up

Did you blindly buy the Apple Watch? Come on, admit it! Nearly 70% of Apple users admit to buying blindly, but there’s no shame in it. Their technology looks ...

Tesla Powerwall Home Battery Shocks the Power Companies By Going Off the Grid

The rising cost of electricity make be leaving you shocked, but you don’t have to take it from the grid. Resist with science! Powerwall is a tesla home ...

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