Tactical Throwable Cameras Make Protecting Our Citizens Just a Little Bit Easier

You’ve probably wanted to throw your phone at some point in time, but do you ever wonder how cops must feel? When they’re called to a scene that could be life threatening, how are they supposed to know what to expect when they’re in unfamiliar territory? Robots?

Well, kind of. MIT Venture Mentoring Service and Bounce Imaging has been working hard since 2012 to give cops a leg up on severe threats and hostile situations. They’re basically rubber-surrounded tactical cameras that have 6 cameras and sensors to provide a panoramic image of an unknown area back to a smartphone. Just throw it into an area for a quick view.

While this doesn’t necessarily make the situation less lethal, it can help by leaps and bounds so that cops can be better prepared for a situation. 100 of these devices have been sent to police departments. Here’s hoping it makes a real difference. Each of of these sells for for $2500.

Bounce Imaging Camera (3) Bounce Imaging Camera (4) Bounce Imaging Camera (1) Bounce Imaging Camera (2)
Source – MIT / BounceImaging
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