T-Rex Toilet Paper Holder Makes Your Prehistoric Sized Poop Fun Again

Who doesn’t love a T-Rex? That’s right… No one. Everyone loves the mightiest dinosaur, the king of the dinosaurs. The terrible lizard. Okay, okay, enough of T-Rex’s UFC intro. For real though, how cool is it to have a T-Rex fossil giving you your toilet paper in the bathroom? Those normal toilet paper holders are a nightmare. Either you pinch your finger, can’t get it back in, or the roll falls off four times before you get it fixed. With the clever design of this dispenser, that won’t be an issue.

Looking just like the real thing, this 3D printed toilet paper holder is a great model of the mighty T-Rex. Its short arms are finally put to some good use as they reach out to hold your roll of TP on a long bone. The top of a T-Rex skull guards over the roll in case anyone tries to put it on the wrong way. Yes, there is a right way to put it on and that is OVER the roll. Anyone who unrolls their toilet paper under will get eaten by the T-Rex (hopefully).

The holder measures in at 4.5 inches tall, 5 inches long, and 7 inches wide so it will accommodate most roll sizes. It is 3D printed from high-quality PLA plastic that is durable and won’t break from normal use. Kids and adults alike will love having this piece of prehistoric history in the bathroom with them to help out every day.

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