Synthetic Biomaterial Regenerates New Teeth Putting An End To Root Canals

One of the ailments that affects everyone on the planet is tooth decay, to some degree or another, nearly everyone has sat in a dentists chair at some ‘painful’ point in their lives. It’s true, dentists aren’t popular people when they are working because fillings and root canals are anything but fun. However, that could change, the dental chair may become a much desired location to visit with news of the latest dental discovery.

Working together, researchers from Wyss Institute at Harvard University and the University of Nottingham have crafted a special material – a synthetic biomaterial, that basically repairs teeth. This new biomaterial actually does more than repair teeth, it regenerates them! Yes, that is right, it regenerates them, thus eliminating the need for root canals, fillings and extractions.

The new synthetic material actually regenerates pulp tissue inside the tooth, which stimulates the stem cells it comes into contact with to grow a new tooth. It’s amazing stuff, and it will change dentistry and the public’s perception of dentists, for the better.

Source – Geek via Nottingham

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One step closer to a Doctor Who type of regeneration

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