Synaptics USB Fingerprint Adds Secure Biometric Authentication To Any Computer

The future of security is in the hands of biometric sensing technology. In fact, this technology is already in full-blown use, in state and federal government agencies as well as in companies of all sizes, to keep track of employee’s hours and as a system to limit access to sensitive areas within buildings.

Biometric technology is now compact and portable, thanks to innovative companies such as Synaptics Incorporated, who have now made it possible to provide after-market upgrades for the purpose of authenticating the fingerprint of the owner of any notebook PC, and any PC that lacks an integrated biometric sensor. Like it or not, in the very near future, every electronic gadget, computer, automobile, door, gate or locker will need your fingerprint to open, operate or use.

As ‘safe’ as it sounds, an equal level of concern goes along with the development of biometric technology, in regards to moving away from physical locking mechanisms and the registering of personal biometric information of everyone who uses computers, which is over 60% of the planet’s population – a number that grows daily.

There are an estimated 500 million new Microsoft Windows 10 users who have recently purchased notebooks, and who can now use their fingerprints to register their new OS. And, as time passes, people can expect to use their biometric fingerprint identity that Microsoft keeps to access their bank accounts, drive their cars, pay their bills. It’s a whole new ‘safe’ world, just don’t lose your fingers.

Source – Synaptics


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