Sword Tea Infuser Crafts Delicious Tea Without A Fight

If you think that tea parties aren’t particularly manly, then think again. Because this tea infuser from Fred and Friends looks like a frickin’ sword.

Kind of like a Minecraft/Lego sword but still… a sword tea infuser.

So instead of infusing tea in a way that might seem boring, you can now do it by plunging your mighty sword into your tea cup. Which is probably quite fun! You can pretend you’re playing sword in stone….with tea..when your larping? No? It’s definitely a bit different and bound to get a smile at your next tea party.

So… totally worth it right? Presumably, it also works well as an actual tea infuser but who knows? So why not try a Strong Brew Tea Infuser?

Tea Infuser Shaped Like A Sword Sword in Tea Infuser Sword Tea Infuser


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