Suunto Eon Steel Dive Computer Evolves With Your Diving Prowess

As dramatically as instantly downloadable software and hardware patches and updates often prolong the usefulness of numerous Information Age digital gadgets, planned obsolescence remains an inevitability of any modern device’s life cycle – usually. Suunto chose to explore the possibilities of a device capable of adapting as its user’s needs shift over time.

The Suunto Eon Steel dive computer just may be the most overall adaptable diving device ever developed. Scratch that, come to think. For our money – yes, all $1,299 of the Eon Steel’s MSRP – this may be one of the most pound-for-pound multi-talented, dependable device developed for any use.

Think about it. Apple released its vaunted iPhone 6 in 2014 upon an unsuspecting, unprepared world seemingly without the presumably rudimentary QA tests ensuring that its latest revered, appallingly priced sigil of the iCult wouldn’t bend into a pleasantly butt-cheek-shaped curve when sat upon – or catch fire.

With its works encased in a brushed stainless steel bezel and a reinforced composite housing with more than 50% glass fiber, the Eon Steel wears comfortably with the user’s choice of a bungie or elastomer. The gorgeous color screen is superbly designed for its double-tough Xensation glass display and, like its other external materials, is tested to protect its delicate inner workings and endure without a hitch through some brutal surrounding conditions. It shines brightest, though, through its flexible data customization.

Specifically, it gently places the UX squarely within any user’s hands. As your diving skills grow, you can display more useful stats as you choose. The Eon Steel can also adjust its layout itself from a classic design to graphical view and back again, per your needs, experience, and preferences.

For divers the world over, it may be an end to at least one era of obsolescence.Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 6Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 8Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 7Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 5Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 2Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 4Suunto EON Steel Dive Computer 3


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