Surprise Screw Mug Tells The World Off, One Sip At A Time

Never take it lightly when life puts the screws to you.

Calmly take a long sip from the Surprise Screw Mug and say all that needs to be said without uttering a word. Being shaped like a gigantic hollowed screw makes it a fine personal gift for a special gearhead, tinkerer, machinist, or construction tradesman who finds the meaning of life at the bottom of a cuppa. Having “Screw You” stamped on the underside makes it perfect for anybody too timid to verbally shred someone a new asshole from which to speak.

With people getting more fed up with their jobs and employers hatred heated by the day, we can appreciate anything that lets us say what we spend at least 60% of our day thinking without our actually wasting our breath. Be careful who you drink that in front of.

surprise-screw-you-mug-2 surprise-screw-you-mug-3

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Make sure to not take a sip in front of your boss.

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