Sure Can Is The Best Way To Dispense Gas Without Spills

Our mothers always warned us to never disembark on a drive, especially in the bitter and frigid dead of winter, without some spare fuel stores, just in case. If the Sure Can has taught us nothing else, it’s that we have really been going about our emergency-gas readiness all wrong.

The Sure Can is the easiest, cleanest means we’ve yet found of toting up to 2.2 gallons of gas around. Like any quality gas can, it comes with a comfortable hand grip and 6-layer high density polyethelene meets all U.S. EPA standards for portable fuel containers with unbeatable durability and complete permeation preventation. Unlike standard gas cans, it lets gravity shoulder the heavy lifting of dispensing fuel from can to tank.

When not in use, the 100% child-proof nozzle points upward for no-spill storage and zero risk of children and/or pets chugging gas like a Hummer. When it’s time to pour, point the nozzle downward into a tank, press a button, and simply stand and hold the can while the gas runs smoothly and naturally downward. The Sure Can’s self-ventilation even ensures an easy, even flow without constanting “glugging” during the pour. Meanwhile, you don’t need to hunch over to tilt the can at an effective angle. Just stand and wait. No spills. No fuss. No problem.Surecan Easy Gas Can (2)Surecan Easy Gas Can (6)Surecan Easy Gas Can (5)Surecan Easy Gas Can (3)Surecan Easy Gas Can (4)

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