Superhero Booster Seats Protect Your Kids In The Loving Arms Of Your Favorite Marvel Characters

Hulk, Batman, Captain America & Spiderman, Iron Man & even TMNT…Inspired by three of Marvel and DC’s most iconic heroes, KidsEmbrace Combination Booster Seats based on Batman, Spiderman and Captain America reflect something we have always believed draws the youngest children to costume-clad vigilantes.

To any tyke too small to travel safely in a standard automobile seat, the world sometimes feels like a terrifyingly massive place. The strange grown-up race towers over you and enjoys undisputed say-so over everything you do and everywhere you go. They apparently long ago mastered a race of enormous four-legged metal beasts as their transportation. Some adult – Mom or Dad, presumably – even taught them not to transform into awesome robotic grown-ups and just drive everyone around instead!

Kids have no control. Even the adults around them sometimes seem angry, sad or scared for reasons no toddler can quite fathom. Wouldn’t you feel safer in such a place if people constantly told you stories about brave grown-ups who protect everyone from bad things?

In more senses than simply their phenomenally cool designs, that’s the beauty of these KidsEmbrace Combination Booster Seats: individually, they are the next best things to being securely cradled in the lap of Cap, the Caped Crusader or any kid’s favorite neighborhood web-slinger. Rated “Best Bet Boosters” by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, these approved forward-facing seats are built with children between 22 and 65 pounds standing 29 to 49 inches tall, but all three can convert into belt-positioning boosters for children 38 to 57 inches in height weighing between 30 and 100 pounds. Their dual-position crotches, accommodating contours, two-position reclining controls and three-position adjustable headrest leave plenty of room for comfort while your kids grow. When needed, the one-hand harness adjustment system is a foolproof snap to modify for your little passenger’s comfort and the easily installed latch connectors and top tether are as sturdy and dependable as they are simple to use.

If nothing else, what parent or child could ask for more than a genuine superhero ready, willing and able to hold a few drinks while you cruise?

Protected by a one-year limited warranty, all three DC and Marvel legends are also machine-washable.

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