Super Mario Bros Magnet Gives Your Fridge Decor A Power-Up

If we had the decision to make all over again, we wouldn’t go near Nintendo’s SUPER MARIO MAKER.

Oh, make no mistake. Miyamoto has given us another wonderland. Trouble is, we can’t escape the godlike allure of whimsical world-building. We need that outpouring of creativity like YouTube commentators need spellcheck.

Thanks to this SUPER MARIOS BROS. Magnet Set, we’re no longer strictly dependent on all the best drugs geeky retail affiliate money can buy – i.e., Four Loko and bath salts – to spend every minute of our free time shaping the Mushroom Kingdom in our image even when we’re without a Wii U.

With 80 iconic characters and objects to choose from, any Nintendo devotee can litter a refrigerator with a sea of mushrooms, Koopa Troopers, Goombas, fire flowers and coins for Mario and Luigi to explore. Lay everything out amidst classic sewer tunnels, brick platforms and more settings that replicate unforgettable original worlds from Nintendo’s flagship franchise.

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