Super Mario Boo Apron Gives Miley Cyrus Some Competition With Its Tongue Hanging Out

Whether you were hopping on Goombas or avoiding those aerial Koopas, Super Mario Brothers has been one of the most successful gaming sensations since the days of the NES. If you can remember, the normal levels were fine, but if you wanted to progress there were gonna be some chills with the haunted house levels.

Stare those ghosts in the eye. Etsy Shop Dark Balloons has with their Super Mario Boo Ghost Apron. This custom apron features the terrifying Boo Ghost in all his haunted glory. He even has magnets in his hands and face to cover his eyes if you see a mouse in the kitchen.

If you’re a Halloween aficionado or just want some extra thrills in the kitchen, get your spook on with your tongue hanging out.

Super Mario Boo Ghost Apron 1 Super Mario Boo Ghost Apron 2 Super Mario Boo Ghost Apron 4

Source – Geekologie

Super Mario Boo Ghosts
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