Sunscreenr Is The UV-Safety Watchdog That Sees Unprotected Skin

It takes a whole unbearable few seconds to slash your chances of developing skin cancer upward of 80 percent by slapping on some SPF 30 sunscreen. If that much effort really puts you out, perhaps the UV-oriented Sunscreenr will offer exactly the wake-up call you need.

Not too long ago, we highlighted the sunscreen-shitting Nivea seagull drone and its guerrilla marketing/skin cancer-awareness campaign of showing up at beaches nationwide this summer to poop some protection onto kids caught unprotected – with some help from concerned parents, of course. This is very much like the technology drone operators have been employing to, shall we say, confirm their targets. The Sunscreenr Indiegogo campaign page includes a particularly revealing snippet of footage shot with the keychain-sized viewer that illustrates the difference between protected and unprotected skin while a volunteer actually slathers on the sunscreen.

Sunscreenr is the brainchild of two creators who have had to watch loved ones battle skin cancer themselves and would rather as few people as possible have to endure the same heartache. Turn the device on yourself after sweating, swimming, or toweling off and it also shows where previous applications have worn off. Those dark areas that make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger camouflaging himself in mud to get the drop on the Predator are protected. Lighter areas are vulnerable to varying degrees to sunspots, burns, and other damage.

It’s a surprisingly loaded piece of a tech, a full-fledged waterproof and sand/dust-proof 3 oz. camera capable of recording and playing back up to 30 seconds of footage, a tripod or selfie stick mount, and charging/micro USB and expansion ports. One full charge, and this diminutive extra set of eyes is good to go for an entire weekend.

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Sunscreenr shows you where you've missed a spot when applying sunscreen

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