Sunk-In Salt And Pepper Shakers Remind You Of An Acid Flashback

If Salvador Dali had the restraint to make mind-bending dining accessories that didn’t just melt awkwardly all over everything, we’d like to think these Sunk-In Salt And Pepper Shakers from Fred & Friends would be his ideal compromise.

We aren’t exactly the “Williams Sonoma” kind, ourselves. Sure, handsome stuff, but if you can’t tell, we embrace a certain skewed kind of imaginative fun. That’s why we can appreciate how ceaselessly amusing it is that these hand-blown glass salt and pepper shakers with stainless steel tops look like they’ve fallen into the solid mass of the table.

Hey, where did the other half of each shaker go? Perhaps the kitchen table is a gateway to an unknown dimension or timeline they’ve grown badass goatees and dispensed evil flavoring. Maybe it’s more of a BIOSHOCK INFINITE thing and they’ve simply been cleaved off, leaving our salt and pepper shakers to exist in separate realities.

Now that we’ve explored the possibilities, maybe you can quit looking at us like we just told you we’ve cured ebola with a cocktail of sunshine, farts, and 7-UP.


SUNK-IN salt pepper shakers 1SUNK-IN salt pepper shakers 2Source – F&F

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