SuitX Phoenix Affordable Exoskeleton Allows Paraplegics To Walk

The engineering technologies the military develops for its soldiers to carry heavy objects, giving them super human strengths, is also being developed in the private sector and at universities around the world, these are called exoskeletons.

Very similar to the power suits seen in movies like ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ with Tom Cruise, power suits are now a reality. In fact, such exoskeletons are now within the price range of the general public, and these can open new doors of opportunity for those who have lost the ability to walk and that are confined to wheelchairs.

Thanks to the SuitX Phoenix – a light weight exoskeleton designed at the University of California, it can help paraplegics to walk on their own. Weighing only 27 pounds, and built to be affordable, the SuitX Phoenix is unlike the military’s expensive version, which is design to carry hundreds of pounds. Instead, it is mainly design to support the wearers weight, and only uses one motor on each hip to provide thrust.

This amazing technology is definitely a step in the right direction – using advanced technology to help people in need, and the SuitX Phoenix is now available for sale! More information about this exoskeleton can be found on the SuitX Phoenix website.


Source – USBionics

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