Strong Signals From Deep Space Has Excited SETI Scientists To Speculate Alien Life

Is there life out there in the universe, besides here on earth? Most people believe there is, however, it might not be like anything most people might expect, or, life could be very similar to earth based life forms, scientists just don’t know, but they want too.

Well, researchers working with the SETI program are excited about some radio signals emanating from a star in Hercules – a constellation, named HD 164595. Could such radio signals mean that there is another planetary civilization such as developed here on earth, maybe?

SETI HD 164595 (3)

Working in unison, SETI radio telescopes in northern California and Panama, scientists are hoping to get much more data that they can study to determine if there are planets orbiting the star that may support life. Apparently, the signature of this signal is significant enough to be compared to prior celestial events, such as the “Wow Signal” in 1977, or the alien-mega structure star, Tabby’s Star, that was discovered recently.

SETI HD 164595 (1)

Scientist are now actively following protocols set by SETI to confirm that the radio signals’ origins are not from any technical glitch, if not, then resources will surely be brought to bear to further study the signals’ true source.
SETI HD 164595 (2)

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