Strike Smart Baseball Records Speed, Spin Rate & Pitching Trajectory Stats For Maximum Game Improvement

If you love baseball, then you know how important gathering data on players is for coaches, on both sides of the bench. It is a tedious job to keep track of baseball players throughout a game, and sports announcers, coaches and sports stations are always seeking ways to gather and record data, especially for pitchers.

Thanks to modern technology, the traditional baseball just got an upgrade that has already improve the game, for everyone. It’s called ‘Strike’ – the first ever Smart baseball in a long line of other smart sports equipment such as smart footballs, smart basketballs and more.

Somehow, some really smart baseball fans had an idea to implant a very sophisticated computer chip into a top-quality baseball that can track pitchers’ stats. No more need to purchase expensive motion tracking equipment and hardware to get precise data from a pitcher’s pit. All you need now is the Strike Smart Baseball, and a smartphone to run the app that will measure not only the ball’s trajectory and spin rate, but it also generates a 3D simulated display of the pitch.

The impact the smart baseball will have at all levels of the ‘game’ can’t be gauged yet, but every team, everywhere will eventually have one. The release of the Strike is nothing less than a winning home-run hit for the game of baseball.

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