Stormtrooper Decanter Pours A Straight Shot, Even If You Can’t Shoot Straight

The Original Stormtrooper Decanter might just lay claim to the only time in Star Wars history when the infamous Imperial foot soldiers could be considered synonymous with the phrase, “Hits the spot.”

When it’s time to raise a toast to the Emperor and his dependably cheap refusal to spring for armor with greater integrity than a Hutt campaigning for office and more stopping power than the brakes on a landspeeder, pour the only straight shot any Stormtrooper will ever brag about from a vessel that looks like it could have been molded straight from your now-dead buddy’s headpiece. This beautiful 750ml Super Flint Glass flask is based directly on designer Andrew Ainsworth’s iconic helmet moulds produced for “A New Hope” back in 1976.

Treat your booze with a little bit more dignity and care than the Empire affords its cannon-fodder. This elegant finery befits only the elite of the Imperial Guard, the ones who have actually hit the broad side of a bantha at least once.




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Best way to keep you warm during those cold Hoth nights

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