Store 330 TB Of Data On This IBM Prototype Sputtered Magnetic Tape

Who doesn’t wrestle with digital storage space? Nearly everyone who uses computers could use extra digital storage space, and the demand and ‘need’ to store more date only grows, everyday. Thankfully, some very smart people over at IBM have created ‘special’ data saving tape drives that can store up to 330 TB of uncompressed data!

For individuals, the likelihood of consuming up to 330 TB of digital storage space on the new magnetic tape cartridge is just not possible, but major corporate entities could definitely use that kind of storage capability.

The new magnetic tape cartridge used for storing uncompressed data is still in the prototype stage, it’s a small device that can fit in the palm of your hand, but the storage capacity is truly unreal. Scientists at IBM say that the new magnetic tape can hold 201 gigabits per square inch, which is amazing!

While the cost to construct the new magnetic tape will definitely be incredibly more than it costs to make current magnetic tape technology, the expected growing need for commercial cold data storage will outweigh the costs.

via IBM

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