Stopsleep Drowsy Driver Alert Anti-Sleep Alarm Saves Lives By Monitoring Your Electrodermal Activity

If you are like most people who travel regularly, then you know how dangerous it is when sleepiness and driving is combined. Very similar to the effects of alcohol, sleepiness slows a person’s reaction time, and awareness is greatly reduced, which greatly increase the risk of crashing.

While sleepiness is a cause for alarm, falling asleep at the wheel means certain fatality, that is the inventions of the anti-sleep alarm, Stopsleep, is a real life saver.

Simple to use, all you have to do is just slip it onto your fingers like a ring, and then it will begin to monitor your fatigue and warn you 5 minutes before you reach a dangerous level of drowsiness.

Once the alarm is activated, drivers need to start looking for a safe place to pull over and rest, before continuing on to their destination. In this way, technology such as this that monitors peoples’ electrodermal activity, using cutaneous sensors, identifies loss of awareness and concentration and then alerts drivers before they fall asleep.

If you commute regularly, then this is one piece of technology that can really save your life.







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♛ Alarms BEFORE drowsy driving (up to 5 minutes before) and not after Your head nod (too late...)

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