Steve-O Shares Stories Of Incredible Stupidity On Hot Ones

As much fun as we had watching Steve-O face First We Feast’s Hot Ones Challenge, we couldn’t help but wonder just how intimidating chicken wings of increasingly sadistic spiciness could be to someone who grew his fame and fortune atop the scars of willful, reckless stupidity. Don’t all sins eventually equalize after a certain point? What hot sauce could inflict an incendiary bite worse than anything the infamous “Jackass” stunt icon has already either done to himself or been dared to tank by pals such as Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera and the late Ryan Dunn?

After snorting wasabi, launch fireworks from his ass and walking a tightrope suspended over alligators, host Sean Evans could be the one to bear witness as Blair’s Mega Death Sauce and Dirty Dick’s scar the legendary “Wildboyz” star in ways neither could have imagined. There’s only one way to know for certain: get to clickin’.

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