Steampunk World’s Fair Says Farewell To the Shiny Pristine Future

You may be the most well-seasoned veteran of general cosplay like comic or anime conventions, but have you heard of Steampunk? This subgenre of science fiction and fantasy is reaching critical mass quickly, and even has its own world fair every year.

In a short time, Steampunk has escalated as a fashion and lifestyle movement. This genre mixes technology and Victorian designs from the 19th-century industrial steam-powered age of machinery and has an extremely unique look. We’re especially fond of the Steampunk goggles that many enthusiasts love to wear.

If you think that Steampunk has just about seen its plateau, then think again. This video shot by filmmaker BeatdownBoogie of the Steampunk World’s Fair this year shows just how open concept Steampunk is and continues to be.

Goodbye shiny plastic future, hello Retrofuturism!

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