Steampunk Inspired Toothsome Chocolate Factory Debuts At Universal, Willy Wonka Jealous With Rage

“Oompa Loompa Doopity-Doo, We’ve got some diabetes for you…”

If chocolatey richness is your Alpha and Omega of all earthly bliss, then the latest Universal CityWalk dining attraction opening later this year in Orlando is destined to resemble a whimsically hostile takeover of a Cheesecake Factory by Willy Wonka.

Indeed, the thematic culinary experience of The Toothsome Chocolate Factory is no modest Dippin’ Dots kiosk or Coldstone Creamery-style franchise dessert parlor. Inspired by 19th century Steampunk from its massive smokestacks and curious gadgetry on display to the staff’s impressively fancy cosplay, it’s actually a thematically rich complete gourmet dining experience. Try and imagine an old-timey fancy restaurant whose creamy, dreamy deluxe milkshakes somehow outshine a superb bill of fare filled out with sumptuous burgers, giant salads, an irresistible all-day brunch menu, and classically satisfying seafood and pasta entrees.

Believe it. Look past even the spectacular Salted Caramel Flan, S’mores and Chocolate Brownie Bark sundaes, and you’ll find such frosty works of art as:

-CHOCOLATE X5, an orgy of chocolate chunks, spirals, ice cream and whipped cream with plenty of smooth, creamy lovin’ to spare.

-BACON BRITTLE, a grand “bressert” (breakfast as dessert…that’s right, we’re making it happen) that weaves scrumptious bacon brittle with bacon ice cream, bacon caramel, and, yes, chocolate-covered bacon.

-ESPRESSO BUZZZZ, an electric jolt of chocolate-covered espresso beans and coffee ice cream, because two Z’s is too few and three just won’t do.

-RED VELVET needs little explanation: it’s a milkshake top-heavy with a Red Velvet cupcake.

-Finally, KEY LIME PIE is little more or less than what it says on the tin: Florida’s iconic fluffy dessert reimagined as a sumptuous shake with a slice of the original up top.

If your meal leaves you wanting more, feel free to hang out and watch how these tasty tapestries are made before nabbing one more complement of sweets to bring home from the retail shop.

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