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Starry Station Simplifies Complex Home Wi-Fi Connection Issues

Nearly everyone relies on Wi-Fi today, it is a wonderful phenomenon that we take for granted sometimes, until it is not available anymore. In a typical family’s home, sharing Wi-Fi can be the very source of daily frustration, especially if it is not working! Streaming movies, Youtube, gaming and general surfing the net all need Wi-Fi, and when everyone in the house ‘needs’ to access the Internet at the same time, it becomes a problem.

Thankfully, there is the Starry Station – a central Wi-Fi stations that maximizes your existing internet connection and streamlines it out to everyone who needs it, fairly. The Starry Station is great for parents who want, and need, to limit internet connection time for children.

A device activity map is clearly seen on the Starry’s display screen, allowing you to see who is on-the-line, how much bandwidth they are using, and then lets you manage all the connections in the house, in a way that is fair for everyone.

Starry Station also continuously monitors the health of your internet connection, and makes automatic repairs when needed. It also continually tests the speed of your internet connection, to make sure you are getting the download speeds you are paying for. There is a lot more you will discover that the Starry Station can do for you and your family’s Wi-Fi needs. Once you get the Starry Station, there is no going back to your old router.

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Simple, touchscreen interface makes diagnosing issues a snap

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