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Starcraft Protoss Pylon USB Charger Is A Mineral-Free Power Source

Harnessing Aiur’s potent psionic energy matrix is sometimes more trouble than it’s worth. Probe. Minerals. Pylons.

… Profit.

Never turn down the time-saving aid when you need one serious power source and ThinkGeek shows you a ready-to-go STARCRAFT II Protoss Pylon desktop station. Its AC adapter pumps life-giving energy to your appliances and devices through two USB ports (2.1- and 1-amp), one of which you could obviously pair with the included micro-USB cable.

Of course, if everything is running at optimal performance and fully charged, you can always switch its light on and just bathe your desk in a soft blue glow, too. If you’re going to go all ‘nanners and rush with these, we strongly recommend an extension cord.

We would also strongly suggest an actual weapon.


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Powerhouse of a charger

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$39.99 Buy Here
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