Star Wars Wall Decor Keep The Villainous Spirit Of Force Year-Round

“Christmas every day?” Look, even when we were kids, we knew no one could really withstand egg nog, horrific sweaters, gingerbread and schmaltzy covers of the same centuries-old carols (and one sweet Mariah Carey song) 365 days running.

Now, making every day Force Friday, on the other hand? We always did think that having only May the 4th to honor the legendary STAR WARS saga was selling George Lucas’s once great story pretty damn short. With STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT on gamers’ horizons and the long-awaited STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS arriving this Christmas, we think the world is due to get itself back in touch with the Force on a daily basis for a while.

Join us, won’t you, in marking the inaugural Force Friday with this foreboding call to align with the surviving Dark Side at the right hand – well, maybe his right glove, if it didn’t melt down on Luke Skywalker’s little funeral pyre – of Darth Vader himself.

These grim, stone-looking Star Wars Wall Decor hangings also honor the likes of feared bounty-hunter klutz Boba Fett and the feared Emperor Palpatine. Whereas Vader and Palpatine’s piece bear signs simply ordering all and sundry to “Join the Dark Side,” Fett’s simply reads “Bounty Hunter”. Unfortunately, there is no option to swap it out for “Beware the Sarlacc” or “Watch that first step, it’s a doozy”.

Each super-lightweight foam item measures 2′ tall with a 16″-diameter character likeness.

May the Force hang in your hallway. Always.

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May The Force Hang...Always

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