Star Wars Soaps Rinse Away All That Stubborn Rebel Scum

Nearly every devout aficionado of a certain galaxy far, far away harbors some monumental adoration or hatred for at least one unforgettable character or another. With her fragrant collection of handmade Star Wars Soaps, Etsy artisan and NerdySoap proprietor katecrazysoap has improved upon the conscientious hygiene of fans who worship the immortal George Lucas saga in a way that also lets them express how they feel about either side of the galactic civil war in uniquely personal fashion.

Have you ever watched “The Phantom Menace” and wanted to grind Darth Maul’s face into your armpit for striking down a wise and badass Liam Neeson in his prime? Maybe you’ve wished Darth Vader himself could wash your hands of that one scrub who keeps insisting “Revenge of the Sith” was a better conclusion to a three-part story than “Return of the Jedi.” We’re sure someone out there has harbored a passion for Han Solo that drives fantasies of rubbing the scruffy nerfherder’s frozen body somewhere much darker and warmer than any carbonite coffin. Failing that, who hasn’t loathed Jabba the Hutt enough to want to rub his ugly mug in their own desolate Pit of Carkoon?

Well, ye nerds who swear cleanliness is the essence of the Force, Christmas has come a few months early. Every soap is made fresh to order with a carefully crafted 3D mold and hand-packaged in plastic to seal in a fresh, soothing aroma. Prepared in the color of your choice, every Star Wars Soap also includes a flat base to ensure its stability. To top it off, every order comes with a surprise product from the fantastically kitschy NerdySoap collection at no extra charge.

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May The Cleanliness Be With You, Always

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