Star Wars Snack Bowls Gape In Judgmental Horror At Your Snacking Habits

This trio of ThinkGeek-exclusive officially licensed Star Wars Snack Bowls reminds us how little we actually know about what some of these strange beasts actually eat. It then takes around a second for us to remember, “Oh, that’s right! Silly me. There’s a reason I never think about that: looking at some of these things, I rarely those answers.”

Sure, as if it never crosses your mind. Have you never watched “Return of the Jedi” and wondered as Jabba the Hutt scarfed down tiny, terrified Klatooine paddy frogs raw and wriggling, “How many of those little guys did he have to eat daily to become this large and putrid?” Just exactly what else, other than wayward tauntauns, might the wampa subsist on when roaming the desolate wastelands of Hoth? What about Chewbacca? What do you feed a giant, bipedal shag carpet that has no qualms about detaching a stranger’s limbs after losing a board game?

Whatever you put inside these three kitschy serving dishes, you get to giggle at how each bowl’s likeness appears to scream in horror at your own gluttony.

“What the – how much have you eaten today? It isn’t even noon, and that’s the fourth bag of Doritos I’ve seen you open. Was that a Twinkie I saw you dipping in queso earlier? Just keep me far, far away from the toilet you inevitably punish after you wash down that third plate of Bagel Bites with a second two-liter bottle of Mountain Dew, OK?”


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