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Star Wars Showerheads Let Darth Vader Cry The Force Away

Of all the things, it would be these Bed Bath & Beyond-exclusive STAR WARS Showerheads that leave us picking at Disney/Lucasfilm’s nits.

No looking a gift-horse in the mouth, here: we feel certain that nothing in any galaxy could get us quite so powerfully clean as a fallen Sith Lord’s sweet, sweet tears. We’ve just never thought of Darth Vader as much of a cry-baby. Then again, beneath that helmet and all that wheezing, who’s to say? After all, it’s been established that the inside of that armor catches and pulls constantly at his skin every single time he moves. Suppose poor Anakin Skywalker fails to watch that first step and takes an awkward tumble.

One hard, unexpected yank in the “wrong” place, and we’d certainly join him in a very painful weep.

It’s just that – well, if we’re to rinse the day away with either a wall-mounted or detached handheld-sprayer head of the Sith that’s basically bawling its eyes out all over our naughty bits, pre-lava Hayden Christensen was the padawan with the waterworks.

One small trade-off you’ll have to reconcile: whereas Lord Vader’s crying skull cleaning off the shame will run you about an extra $5 compared to the alternate R2-D2 showerhead – $30 versus $25 – Vader’s design makes for a less-awkward handheld wand. For those prone to ponder merits of a purchase beyond “F*** yeah, STAR WARS”, both designs feature three spray settings and quality anti-clog nozzles.

Darth Vader Showerheads Darth Vader-Crying-ShowerheadDarth-Vader-ShowerheadStarWars-Darth-Vader-ShowerheadR2-D2-Showerhead


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