Star Wars Schematics Hawaiian Shirt Is Fashionable Space Wear for Tatooine Vacationers

Summer is quickly approaching, and with the fiery summer temperatures of Tatooine you may be wishing the Death Star would make a visit to put you out of your misery.Forget the heat with a Hawaiian-inspired Star Wars shirt. Made of 100% Rayon, this shirt has multiple diagrams including the Death Star and Imperial fighters for all you Star Wars Imperial supporters out there.

Weird mix, huh? No way! Whether it’s pool parties, BBQs, or other summer events, forget the naysayers and wear your nerd flag with pride! Whether your lounging on the once-glorious beaches of Tatooine or sipping Mai Tai’s while hating on Jar Jar Binks, a Hawaiian-style Star Wars shirt is a match made in Byss heaven.

Star Wars Schematics Hawaiian Shirt Back Star Wars Schematics Hawaiian Shirt
Source – ThinkGeek
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