Star Wars Rebel Fighter Tie Gives Your Dad An Otherworldly Edge

With Father’s Day looming ahead, you may be freaking out about finding a gift. They’re supposed to have all the bright ideas, not you! Whether you have a geeky dad or a sci-fi friendly mom who is both your mom and your dad, give them a much-deserved day of rest with a geek-inspired gift.

You’ve got to think outside the box for ideas anyways, so why not think outside this galaxy with an inspiration from Star Wars? After all, who doesn’t like the space-centered saga?! ThinkGeek has created their own Rebel Fighter Tie made from silk that has little X-Wings and Millennium Falcons on it, but ironically doesn’t have any Tie fighters present.

While this tie won’t blast your parents’ competition to smithereens, it’ll definitely give them an admirable edge.

Star Wars Rebel Fighter Tie (3)
Star Wars Rebel Fighter Tie (1)
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Star Wars Ties
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