Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB Will Aid Your Hyperspace Conquests

Let’s face it; R2-D2 is a beloved symbol of Star Wars. How can a robot be so adorable and yet so amazingly useful? We have no idea, but if you find yourself needing a companion for lonely computer time, look no further that the R2-Q5, the Emperor’s pride and joy.This authentic officially licensed Star War R2-Q5 USB HUB with 4 ports is a Japanese import from CUBE that is a worth comrade for your hyperspace travels. Clad in an attractive black and copper rendition of everyone’s favorite robot, this device stresses utility while providing sounds and a spinning head.Once you plug in your new best friend, R2-Q5 will swivel its head left and then right. It also occasionally makes its own quirky sounds you recall from the movies. Why settle for a conventional USB port when R2-Q5 can aid you in your conquests?Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB Star Wars R2-Q5 USB HUB

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