Star Wars R2-D2 Lawn Ornament Is Your Only Hope Against An Ugly Garden

A home can be a fair representation of the kind of people who dwell inside it, with the front yard and lawn being the first areas people notice as they pass by. For those who are distinguished, confident and proud of the type of people they are, the inside and outside of the home, specifically the lawn becomes a venue to share their ‘tastes’, or lack of it, with the neighborhood. That is why home lawn ornaments abound.

If you are proud to be a Star Wars fan, and you want to let people know that you’ve become one with the force, then this R2-D2 lawn ornament droid is just the thing to do it.

Even though R2 looks lost, as it sits perched on your lawn, among your garden plants and rocks, this official Star Wars lawn ornament is a definite eye catcher, as it is a detailed replica of R2 made from durable resin and stands 17 1/2” tall. So, you can be assured that all who pass by your abode will know your allegiance to the Force.

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