Star Wars Potato Head Collection: Don’t be a Dud. Be a Spud.

You may be stoked about Star Wars Episode VII coming out this year, but are those rugrats yawning at your favorite adult-themed universe? If they continually snore through Episodes I through VI, you may want to consider a fun alternative to get them ready for the continuation of the saga coming this year.Disney has taken it upon themselves to portray their recently-acquired universe through a staple of youthful fun in their Star Wars Potato head collection. You’ll be serving spud realness with your favorite Star Wars characters like Yoda JEDI “MASH-TER”, Darth Vader AKA Darth Tater , R2-D2″MASH-TROMECH” droid,  Stormtroopers and Chewbacca as you relive the classic epic struggles between the Sith and Jedi for domination of the universe.

You may be switching up the story a little bit with the extra emphasis on potatoes, but Luke FryWalker has to save his skins somehow, doesn’t he?
Star Wars Potato Head Star Wars Potato Head Star Wars Potato Head Star Wars Potato Head Star Wars Potato Head

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