Star Wars Pet Products Repel the Sith with Cuteness

Not everyone is cut out to be a Jedi. It takes years to hone the power of the Force, but Obi Wan did it and so did Anakin. We rub off on our pets more than you may think, so when you’re executing epic light saber battles, it only makes sense that your pet learns some things from you. Pets adapt to our lifestyles, so it was only a matter of time before they created their own legacies.

Petco is a firm believer in the force with their new line of Star Wars products with critters in mind. This mix of costumes and toys takes inspiration from your favorite characters and best of all, they make your pets even more adorable! The cute is strong with this one.

Yoda-dog-apparel-01Yoda-cat-headpieceStormtrooper-dog-toyStormtrooper-stick-toyYoda-dog-toyStar-Wars-bone-01Yoda-dog-apparel-02STWRS_DOG_TOY_2253280Star-Wars-dog-toy-03Star-Wars-dog-toy-02Star-Wars-cat-collarStar-Wars-dog-toy-01Star-Wars-dog-collar-02Princess-Leia-Han-Solo-cat-toyStar-Wars-dog-collar-01Star-Wars-dog-collar-03Princess-Leia-cat-headpiece-01R2D2-dog-toyJawa-dog-toyR2D2-dog-apparel-03Star-Wars-dog-apparelEwok-cat-toyR2D2-dog-apparel-04Jabba-the-Hut-dog-toyStar-Wars-bone-02Ewok-dog-toyEwok-dog-apparel-02Star-Wars-cat-stick-toy-01R2D2-dog-apparel-01Ewok-dog-apparel-01R2D2-boneTie-07252015-286x500Yoda-cat-toy-07252015-e1437846170791Princess-Leia-dog-apparel-01Back-pack-07252015AT-AT-072520151R2D2-07252015-493x500Star Wars Yoda Dog EarsEwok Dog Outfit

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