STAR WARS Minions Figurines Are Exactly The Bananas You’re Looking For

Question, STAR WARS fans: have you watched the STAR WARS prequels or “special” editions of the original trilogy and thought, “These movies are not banana enough?”

Well, to be fair, we’ve all watched those and thought, this wasn’t SOMETHING enough. “Good” is usually the word we use.

Ask no more! Next time, settle in and marathon the legendary Lucasfilm saga from THE PHANTOM MENACE to RETURN OF THE JEDI’s merry little “Yub Nub” after barbecuing Darth Vader alongside these 4 PCS set of Minions stylized as icons from a galaxy far, far away.

OK, so this bunch of 9cm sentient Twinkies isn’t likely to laugh through half the movies at your high-damn-larious Jar-Jar impression. Sadly, though admirably detailed in the style of Darth Maul, an Imperial storm trooper, a Jedi knight and the legendarily feared Darth Vader, these are not the jabbering, maybe-cursing McDonald’s favorites you’re looking for. However, if you’re just looking for a few weird little friends who get cosplay just right, there’s no going wrong with this FORCE-some.

Yes. I know, Minion Maul. That was banana. Very, very banana.

Includes base stands and individual weapons for each.


Star Wars Minions 6Star Wars Minions 10Star Wars Minions 9Star Wars Minions 7Star Wars Yoda Minion

Star Wars Minions 2Star Wars Minions 4Star Wars Minions 3Star Wars Minions 1Star Wars Minions 5Star Wars Minions 8

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