Star Wars Millennium Falcon Pool Float Is The Coolest Hunk Of Junk Floating In Your Pool

This Is The Only Way To Cruise The Water: Sitting On Han Solo’s Spaceship

You know you are one bad sleemo when you can happen upon the Star Wars universe’s most infamous space freighter and think, “I’m to plant my ass on that for a while.” Thanks to this Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride-On Pool Float from SwimWays, you don’t even have to be an impossibly gigantic being to do it, either.

Measuring 61 inches long by 46 inches wide by 6.5 inches thick when properly inflated, the run of an Ewok tribe could toddle along and cop a squat atop the late, legendary Han Solo’s prized interstellar ride. Such a munchkin could even drag it with ease to the nearest body of water, thanks to its convenient handle. Sure, Han would probably object to you grinding your sweaty ass into and farting on his hull every day this summer, but dead men don’t need spacefaring vessels.

This is no piece of junk, either. Fabricated from tough heavy-duty materials with apropos detailed graphics resembling its likeness, the Star Wars Millennium Falcon Ride-On Pool Float damn sure has it where it counts.

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