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Star Wars Micro Kite Set Turns Droids & Ships Loose On The Wind

Oh, sure. Any wide-eyed youngling who sees a Star Wars movie for the first time forever more looks at every hand-sized cylinder from a bare paper towel tube to a generous vibrator (we don’t owe you an explanation for everything) and imagines a lightsaber the way an obsessive stoner can look at a ballpoint pen and a maxi pad and think, “Somehow, I know I can and will make a bong out of this.”

We’re no different, except for one wrinkle: we would Skywalker our hands quicker than an Ewok fart to settle into the cockpit of a classic Rebel craft and soar across the wide-open galaxy. These four Star Wars Micro Kites make so very many come a little more true than even our most disturbing imginations all the dildos we could steal from our aunts and that one uncle in a dozen lifetimes.

This set includes the legendary Millennium Falcon and X-Wing in addition to flying versions of R2-D2 and BB-8, all fashioned from PVC airframes and Mylar sail material and ready to fly practically right out of the packaging. Each measures a spritely 4″ wide x 6 1’2″ tall with 40 feet of 8 lb. line each for superb maneuverability in 4-10 mph of wind and easy travel anywhere.

Star Wars Micro Kites (3)Star Wars Micro Kites (3)Star Wars Micro Kites (2)Star Wars Micro KitesStar Wars Micro Kites (4)

8.5 Total Score
Take the battle to the skies and maybe take down some birds along the way.

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$19.99 Buy Here
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