Star Wars Kites Takes The Rebel Battle To The Skies Of Earth

Why don’t you go “fly a kite?” Actually, that is a great idea! With smartphones, tablets and Wi-Fi, kids aren’t getting the outside time they need. Basic fun stuff like flying kites is something foreign to children today, its sad, but true.

Well, now you can change that with these Star Wars themed kites, they will get any kid interested in going outside, and once the magic of flight takes effect ‘time flies’. And, it should, enjoying the great outdoors is important for everyone.

There is the X-Wing, the Millennium Falcon, the Death Star and R2-D2 to chose from. Flying the X-Wing and Death Star together it is impossible not to think about scenes from the movie when the Rebel Alliance attacked and destroyed the Death Star.

These are officially licensed Star Wars merchandise, they are easy to assemble and are made from quality materials. Each kite includes frame, sail, handle, line, SkyTails and a universe of good times.

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Alderaan Battle Lives On

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