Star Wars Imperial Sweaters Keep Sith Lords & Stormtroopers Warm In Space

Few signs remind us quite as surely as the trotting-out of ironic “ugly” sweaters that cooling temperatures bring with them the joy of the holiday season. Of course, this not even being November yet, we would normally bludgeon the third-grade math out of Santa Claus if it would back him and birthday-boy Jesus off a step so we could enjoy four weeks of horror movies before having our legs humped by the gift-giving season until Jan. 2 dawns.

Here’s the thing about these Star Wars sweaters available now at ThinkGeek: we actually wouldn’t dare call these “ugly.” Point in fact, that Darth Vader pullover is especially handsome. The stripey Stormtrooper sweater is our next favorite, looking kitschy and nerdy without being too busy. There’s even something charming about the way the AT-AT’s blue and black stripes and white silhouette remind us of a classic Atari or NES screen.

Seriously, we are caving fast to these officially licensed 100% acrylic beauties.

OK. These sweaters can stay. No egg nog until after Black Friday, though. The line is drawn.







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