Star Wars Hand Towel Set To Dry Your Hands On Your Favorite Droid

Guarantees You’ll Always Know Which Droid To Look For

Whatever you just can’t seem to wash your hands completely clean of, trust a faithful droid to mop up in your stead.

Hey, after all, think of all the Imperial lives R2-D2 had precious few ethical problems helping to end by showing the Rebels just how to hit the Death Star where it hurts. Meanwhile, C-3PO was a childhood chum of up-and-coming homicidal tyrant Anakin Skywalker once upon a time in Tatooine.

Trust us, when it comes to blood on one’s hands (Um….chassis?), this STAR WARS Hand Towel Set honoring the saga’s most chummy counterpart bickering bots is a tip of the cap to two of the best. These two little droids have seen some action – and whatever is REALLY staining your hands, they’ll never tell.

If you share living space a fellow fine geek of infinite jest, there are few more fun ways to always know whose stuff is whose than to duel with toy lightsabers over who gets to be the sassy rolling trashcan and who gets to be the effeminate, mealy-mouthed fusspot. Make them the foundation of a yearly Towel Day bet: first person to lose track of where they’ve left their droid has to watch all three prequels followed by all three remastered editions of the original trilogy.

These ThinkGeek-exclusive hand towels are made from 100% quality cotton, officially licenses, and machine washable on a cold setting.Star Wars Hand Towel Set R2-D2 & C-3PO (1)

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