Star Wars Geeki Tiki Mugs Take The Edge Off Our Summer-Long Thirst For “The Last Jedi”

Is there an endearing charm of summertime these kitschy Star Wars Geeki Tiki Ceramic Mugs don’t honor in fine nerdy fashion?

Yes, it’s about that time again: the mercury soars, we can’t help but let more and more skin dare to go bare, beverages become ever more refreshingly bracing and frosty, and as blockbusters battle one weekend upon the next, the struggles for box-office supremacy all inevitably take a backseat to the assurance that “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” awaits when Christmastime is upon us again. Nothing against the ongoing spectacles of the latest Marvel epics like “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” and “Thor: Ragnarok” or the long-awaited arrival of DC’s “Wonder Woman” and a brand-spanking-new “Alien” installment, but it’s all foreplay to filling a crowded theater on Dec. 15 to finally unravel what role Luke Skywalker has to play in this latest intergalactic civil war.

That equates to many a steamy evening marathoning anywhere from five to eight of the previous installments in the saga, hours upon hours milking a little more enjoyment from “Battlefront” as we await its hopefully much-improved sequel, and shedding a single stoic tear for the end of “Star Wars: Rebels” yet to come.

With all due respect to our cabinets filled by fine Crate & Barrel vessels, not just any mugs will do for our daiquiris. Be it filling C-3PO with golden Corona and chasing him with a wine cooler in a Wampa or taking it easy sippin’ on gin and juice with Jabba, we simply must have a collection of this superb drinkware vast enough to merit its very own online compendium.

That’s right, friends. We desire a Star Wars Geeki Tiki wiki.

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