Star Wars Ewok Candy Bowl & Holder Of Delicious Treats From Moon Of Endor

If short videos on the Internet have taught us anything, it’s this: nature has a disconcerting knack for blending the adorable with the threatening, terrifying, and deadly. Don’t believe us? Assemble a random sample of strangers and ask them to take a piece of candy from this Star Wars Ewok Candy Bowl and Holder.

Expect your share of greedy mitts attached to nostalgic “Return Of The Jedi” fans who are drawn to these furry singing and dancing forest runts with the “Yub Nub” in their hearts. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if this Chuck Wendig-designed serving set also wigged a few savvy people out. After all, everyone conveniently forgets that C-3PO just barely saved his human friends from being eaten by these little alien bipedal mammals.

Yes, you are now expecting neighborhood children to take treats from a bucktoothed, beady-eyed hairball that sees the little crumb-snatchers as tiny, noisy pot roasts.

A word of advice: the Star Wars Ewok Candy Bowl And Holder is fashioned from lightweight foam with a hollow back. We recommend weighing its body down with a bag of rice or something else relatively heavy to keep it from tipping over. Remember, falling forward could be interpreted as Wicket deciding he’s due a treat of his own after guarding the Reese’s Pieces all evening.

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