Star Wars Emoji Let You Express The Power Of The Force From Your Phone

So, you got this text message that has you infuriated, but you can’t find an emojis that best describes how you feel. Not to worry, now you have the power of the ‘force’ to break through all communication barriers with Star Wars emojis!

Feeling grumpy? Then let the receiver of your text message feel the wookiee’s presence. How about sharing your deep thoughts with others and letting Yoda deliver the message in person. There are a whole slew of Star Wars characters that can help you express yourself more clearly, such as R2D2, C-3PO, Hans Solo, Luke Sky Walker and his ‘father’ Darth Vader.

Where can you get these fun little Star Wars emojis? Fortunately, you don’t have to travel light years to download these to your iOS or Android, because they are FREE. “These ARE the droids you’re looking for.”

Star Wars Emojis (2)


Star Wars Emojis (4)


Star Wars Emojis (1)


Source – Nerdist

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Download for Android
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