Star Wars Dewback Pet Costume Gives Stormtroopers A Wild Ride

When you really sit back and take a long look at the STAR WARS saga, some potential-laden characters and creatures begin standing out for just how under-used they seem.

Think about Boba Fett and Darth Maul, for example. For all their impressively designed menace and how magnetic they are onscreen, we get a grand total of less than 45 minutes or so with each before they end up bumbling into the sarlacc’s gaping maw or cleaved in twain by a young, clean-shaven Obi-Wan Kanobi. Just feels like a let-down.

This is one time we have a chance to adorably answer, “What if…?” Give us a trusting cocker spaniel and this one-size STAR WARS Dewback Pet Costume, and we’re sure we can answer would could have been if the original puppet hadn’t possessed such limited articulation that it was reduced to just standing in the background parked outside the Tatooine Cantina in EPISODE IV – A NEW HOPE.

This adorable one-size, 100% polyester Dewback suit consists of a head-wrap and jumpsuit which both include an adjustable hook and loop to fit up to a 20″ belly girth. The outfit measures 15″ in length from withers to tail with a 6″ circumference for each leg.

Oh, and for a heart-melting action facsimile of the green beast of burden in action, each Dewback Pet Costume comes with a sandtrooper attached to the top and ready to go for one terrifying ride the instant Patches spots a nefarious Sith Squirrel Lord a block down the street.Star Wars Dewback Pet Costume (1)


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Yeeehawww! Ride 'em little doggie!

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