Star Wars Desktop Lightsaber Lamp Glows Red Displaying Your Loyalty For The Empire

The Star Wars Desktop Lightsaber Lamp suggests a fitting sort of final insult for a defeated Sith Lord: by all means, feel free to lay waste to one system after another like you own the place. When you finally encounter one that pushes back, just know that whoever strikes you down reserves the right to reduce your menacing personal weapon to an ideal light source for finishing crosswords or putting puzzles together.

Alternately, any office drone weary of flickering fluorescent lights hanging overhead would surely deem the crimson lightsaber of either Darth Vader or his grandson Kylo Ren a fine illumination by which one could hum “The Imperial March” while filling out expense reports and plotting a hostile ascension to rule with an iron fist in league with the Dark Side of upper management over Facilities, Accounting, and even Human Resources. Where a stuttering blue glow reduces a white-collar galaxy to withered slaves laboring beneath the weight of splitting headaches and impaired productivity, you could bestow balance and order beneath a not-at-all-menacing red beacon of peace.

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Your choice to side with the dark is clear

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