Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper Is No Space Station, It’s A Xmas Ornament

We tried, everybody. We really held out as long as we could. Yes, Halloween arrives in less than a week. Yes, we still have Thanksgiving just a month ahead. Despite taking all that into consideration, you need to remember there are two things we instinctively nerd-out over at the drop of a hat: Star Wars and Hallmark Christmas collectibles. As far as we’re concerned, that is indeed no moon. It’s no mere Star Wars Death Star Tree Topper, either. It’s our reminder that when the Christmas spirit calls, nobody lets it ring to voicemail forever.

You read that last part absolutely correctly. The holidays often leave us frustrated, exhausted, strung-out, and spread thin by the time Jan. 1 rolls around, but that innate timeless charm that Hallmark instills in their holiday collections just melts our hearts. Dress the familiar joy of the season in classic Star Wars nostalgia, and our wallets never stood a chance.

After all, let us ask you something: does that frilly angel or shining star atop that tops your tree every year come to life with spectacular lights and sounds either at the push of a button or continuously with a connection to Hallmark’s included universal adapter? No? Just to pile it on, does it play the unmistakable Star Wars: Main Title or The Imperial March on command? Then have yourself the most holly, jolly, nerdy Christmas ever and top your tree with the Empire’s most feared weapon.






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That's no space station - it's a christmas decoration !

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